Jet Wine Bar

Philly's Global Vineyard.
We specialize in wines from emerging and lesser-known regions, as well as uncommon varietals.

We also have a selection of craft beers and a full bar.

Come see why we think we are Philly’s friendliest bar!


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    Our newest Pennsylvania wine is this Cabernet Franc from Karamoor Estates.  This wine has earthy mushroom and violets on the nose, plus plum, cassis, and nutmeg in the mouth.  It is very flavorful, complex, and well-structured.

    I am a big fan of local wines (see my take here) and am so pleased they are starting to get due recognition for their high quality - in part due to the efforts of advocates such as Vino Vic

    But, don’t take their words for it, come try local wines yourself!

    Blaufränkisch: the grape

    What?  It is a grape, of course!  It is grown heavily in Austria, it’s homeland.  “Blau” is for “blue” and “fränkisch” is for “Frankish” or “Franconian”.  Given that this is a bluish grape from the area of Franconia, it most likely means “bluish grape of Franconia”.  However, since “fränkisch” could also refer to the language, I prefer to think of it as “naughty Frankish words”.

    Care to try this grape?  Quelle coincidence!  We happen to have a gorgeous version on our menu: Schiefer Krise, Blaufrankisch 2010. This is a solid, elegant wine with a medium body and a good deal of acid.  The wine has cherries and blueberries, dusty lilac and rose, and forest soils.  It compares well to a pinot noir, with easier drinkability. It is a great expression of the varietal that works exceedingly well with cheese and charcuterie. 

    Philly’s Craig Laban wrote about this wine (positively) in a recent review.  Or, you can listen to Phill and Jill (aka “The Wining Archaeologist:) chat about it in this podcast. What’s your take?

    This is not the first Blaufränkisch to grace our wine menu.  We previously carried a 2007 Blaufränkisch from  Weingut Tinhof in Austria, as well as a lovely Shooting Star Blue Franc (yes, same thing) from Washington State.  That wine bears one of my favorite labels

    The “Wining Archaeologist” chats with Phill about 2 Austrian wines:  Green Eye’s Gruner Veltliner and Uwe Schiefer Krise Blaufrankisch.

    Join the “Wining Archaeologist” as Jill and Phill chat about 2 new wines from Rex 1516: Allange Pardina from Spain, and Haras Carmenere from Chile. With a musical interlude!

    Tonight’s Special Pairing: Risotto with fresh peas and fava beans, and parmesan tuiles ($8) to drink with Arnoux et Fils Cotes-du-Rhone White ($5 when paired with the risotto). Available after 5! Made with chicken stock, but vegetarian is available.

    Prosecco Rosé:  mmmm, frizzante rosé from the Veneto!  The grape in this beauty is Raboso - known for its dark color, high tannin, and good acid structure.  What does that mean for this wine?  A refreshing, clean, and pink sparkler at home in the sun or shade.  It has an intense aroma of chocolate and pomegranate, with the addition of strawberry in the mouth. 

    Namorio Albariño, Valdamor, Spain

    Welcome to the family, Albariño! 

    Now that Spring is was here, it is time for more warm-weather wines.  Albariño is great for nice weather, due to its characteristically light body and delicate floral aromas.  This wine, from Rias Baixas, is no exception.  Rias Baixas is in Northwest Spain, near to Portugal - where the grape is known as alvarinho.  This is one of the mildest areas of Rias Baixas, which helps to keep the fruit flavors lighter.  This one has melon notes with a hint of peach and a touch of green leaf.  It also has a palate-pleasing sparkle and a fuller-than-normal body.

    Enjoy this by-the-glass at Jet Wine Bar!

    Green Eyes Grüner Veltliner

    Grüner Veltliner is a wonderful white grape out of Austria and environs. It is, in fact, the most-widely planted varietal in Austria.  It was largely unknown in the States for years, but has gained exponentially in popularity in the US over the past few years.  Some people call it Gru-Vee, but I… won’t.  Its charms are many but led by its flavors: white pepper, black and green olives, and citrus.  It is an excellent combination that, with a little walnut, would make my favorite salad.

    Grüner, as the name suggests, is also all about “green”.  The wines taste young, vibrant, and redolent of Spring. 

    The Green Eyes Grüner Veltliner takes that green even further - yes even beyond the name and the color on the label - to include notes of green apple on the palate.

    This wine is available by the glass at Jet Wine Bar, 1525 South St., Phila. PA, 19146.  215.735.1116

    Faces of Bacchus

    City of Brotherly Love presents Springtime at Jet!

        The Chill almost gone,

    Windows open, Skin showing,

        It’s time to Drink Pink.

    I have been waiting all winter for a warm day to sip a chilled, pink beverage on a stool at the open window looking onto South Street.  Now that we are officially into Spring, that day has arrived.  Want something a bit frizzante with a touch of sweetness?  The Brachetto is for you!  Do you like wines that are intensely fruity and aromatic?  Try the Secateurs.  What else is pink?  Our Pinot Grigio Rose and our Spanish Rosat.  There is plenty of pink for all!

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