Jet Wine Bar

Philly's Global Vineyard.
We specialize in wines from emerging and lesser-known regions, as well as uncommon varietals.

We also have a selection of craft beers and a full bar.

Come see why we think we are Philly’s friendliest bar!


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    Muhammara!  One of my favorite Syrian meze recreated at Jet.  Spread made with red pepper, walnut, pomegranate molasses.  I like it with our Greek Savatiano.

    Tasting Tuesday Food Pairings

    Tuesdays, of course, are for “tasting” at Jet.  So, we offer you the option to build your own flight for $10, or try a half-glass for half-price.  Want to make it even better?  Add food to the mix.  Our new, summertime menu has 5 different bruschetta options to mix and match.  Get one or get them all.  And, pair them with your wine! Let’s see how this might work:

    Does the Tomato and Mozzarella with basil and olives sound good?  It does to me (and, well, it is good).  What about a wine?  I’d like this food with a white wine, because of the acidic tomatoes and the delicate cheese.  My choice would be the Savatiano, with its light, floral nose and crisp, apple mouth.  Hmm, but maybe the melon and green leaf flavor of the Albarino would taste better?  What to do?  Get a half glass of each!

    What if you want to pick the wines first?  No problem.  Let’s pick a flight of a red, a white, and a rose.  My choice would be "Ce Vin" for red, Retsina for white, and Raboso for our rose.  The red is full and rustic.  It would be wonderful with the spinach, mushroom, and goat cheese.  The retsina is unusual, strong, and lemony.  I’d pair it with the kalamata tapenade.  The Raboso has light bubbles with some chocolate dust, pomegranate, and strawberry.  Hmm. Let’s pair it with the prosciutto - why not, they are both Italian. 

    A Rebellion Against Ordinary Grapes?

    Last night, Jet was thrilled to take part in a social event hosted by concierges extraordinaire Jamie and Alexa for some local condo-owners held at Studio: Christensen where JT and Joanna have assembled a fantastic 

    collection of contemporary and modern furniture and accessories, and a venue for great, local art - including Pete Zebley (in pic at right, and one of my personal faves).  

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    The “Wining Archaeologist” strikes again!  In this podcast, Jill and Phill chat about Retsina and Savatiano - two Greek whites.  Find the whole “Time Out with Phillip Silverstone” show here.

    Savatiano, Muses Estate, Greece

    Our newest white comes from the Muses Estate winery near Thiva (ancient Thebes), close to Mt. Elikonas (ancient Helicon).  Students of the ancient world will recognize this region (and Mt. Helicon, in particular) as sacred to the Nine Muses.  The vineyards are in the Valley of the Muses, from which the name is derived. 

    The wine is made from 100% Savatiano, which is the most widely-planted, indigenous, white grape in Greece.  It can be used to make retsina, but it is the addition of the pine resin that gives retsina its unique flavor.  This Savatiano is not resinated.  It is a full-bodied beauty of a wine, with crisp apples and honey on the nose, plus a bit of pear and creamy apple in the mouth.  Despite its heft, it is refreshing and easy to drink.  Pair it with one of our savory tarts, or our vegetarian platter.

    Sold by-the-glass for $7.

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