Jet Wine Bar

Philly's Global Vineyard.
We specialize in wines from emerging and lesser-known regions, as well as uncommon varietals.

We also have a selection of craft beers and a full bar.

Come see why we think we are Philly’s friendliest bar!


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    Tasting Tuesday and New Cheeses

    Rainy days go perfectly with wine and cheese, and we have a lot of all three!

    It is Tasting Tuesday, which means you can build-your-own flight of 3 wines for $10, or buy any half-glass for half the price.  All Day.  This is the perfect way to try our many new wines by-the-glass, which include wines from France, Pennsylvania, Italy, and Israel.  In fact, we have a brand new Valpolicella that I ordered Monday morning after thinking about it all weekend!

    If new wines aren’t enough to get you out in the rain, how about new cheeses?  We have an aged gouda (5 yr), piave vecchio, and a young manchego.  MMM, the pairing possibilities are endless!

    Tasting Tuesday - build-your-own flight for $10, or half-glass for half-price.  New wines from Pennsylvania, Israel, Italy, and Spain.

    Try them all!  Tasting Tuesday means half glass for half price, and build-your-own flight for $10.

    What’s in your flight?  On Tuesday, you get to choose!  Or, get half a glass for half price.  All day and night.

    Tonight at Jet

    Tasting, Tasting, and more Tasting.

    It is, after all, Tasting Tuesday.  That means you can experiment with the menu by building your own flight of 3 different wines (2.5 oz each) for $10.  Or, you can purchase half or a glass for half the price.  Either way, you try more and spend less. 

    What should you get?  Well, the options are limitless, sort of.  Just choose any of the wines from our glass list.  Why not 3 roses?  3 sparklers?  Wines from the Southern Hemisphere?  Or, you could even choose our current flight:  Pedro Ximenez from Chile, Furmint from Hungary, and Rose from France.  If all else fails, close yours eyes and point to 3 different spots on the menu!. 

    Now that you have wine, how about some food?

    Cheese?  Sure.  We have many from which to choose, including Morbier (shown), Mimolette, and Manouri.

    Deviled eggs?  Why not.  They are delicious.

    Or look over our whole menu.  We are pretty sure you’ll find something you like.

    In addition to the above, we are having a tasting in our lounge of 6 different wines.  Each pair of wines is made from the same grape but from a region on either side of an international border. So, we will have Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile and Argentina, Grenache from France and Spain, and Tocai from Italy and Slovenia.  Sound like fun?  Call us at 215.735.1116 and book your spot!

    Tasting Tuesday Food Pairings

    Tuesdays, of course, are for “tasting” at Jet.  So, we offer you the option to build your own flight for $10, or try a half-glass for half-price.  Want to make it even better?  Add food to the mix.  Our new, summertime menu has 5 different bruschetta options to mix and match.  Get one or get them all.  And, pair them with your wine! Let’s see how this might work:

    Does the Tomato and Mozzarella with basil and olives sound good?  It does to me (and, well, it is good).  What about a wine?  I’d like this food with a white wine, because of the acidic tomatoes and the delicate cheese.  My choice would be the Savatiano, with its light, floral nose and crisp, apple mouth.  Hmm, but maybe the melon and green leaf flavor of the Albarino would taste better?  What to do?  Get a half glass of each!

    What if you want to pick the wines first?  No problem.  Let’s pick a flight of a red, a white, and a rose.  My choice would be "Ce Vin" for red, Retsina for white, and Raboso for our rose.  The red is full and rustic.  It would be wonderful with the spinach, mushroom, and goat cheese.  The retsina is unusual, strong, and lemony.  I’d pair it with the kalamata tapenade.  The Raboso has light bubbles with some chocolate dust, pomegranate, and strawberry.  Hmm. Let’s pair it with the prosciutto - why not, they are both Italian. 

    Let your imagination take flight…

    Drink wines as unique as you are at Jet!  Every Tuesday we let YOU build your own flight for $10, or buy half a glass for half the price.  Would you like 1 1/2 glasses of wine?  No problem.  A flight of sparkling wines?  That’s fine, too.  Be you!

    Let your imagination take flight… build-your-own flight for $10 on Tuesday!

    Now at Jet…

    What is happening now?

    Movie Night

    Thursday is Movie Night!  Join Bill for whatever he chooses to put on the screen.  Next up (Feb. 23) is showing Tim Burton’s adaptation of the Washington Irving classic, Sleepy Hollow.  He always has a $5 special cocktail (is there a Headless Horseman drink?) and FREE POPCORN!  Movie starts at 9.  Chat with your friends or be your own MST3K - we do not play the soundtrack.


    Soups, Stews, and Wine

    Sunday nights are all about comfort food at Jet.  Each month, we offer a different soup, stew, or other homey food that we pair with a specially-priced wine from the same region as the cuisine.  February’s pairing comes from Italy’s Piemonte.  We are serving Polenta with fried egg and sausage, or with asparagus (photo).  Get all the details on this pairing here.

    Martini Mondays

    Join Amanda every Monday after 5 for a night of Martinis and some 1950’s Hollywood Glamour on the screen.  Dean Martin and Ol’ Blue Eyes just may show up, as well.

    Amanda has classic Martinis, newer creations, and always a $5 special. 

    Get your Martini Monday frequent drinker card to receive every 6th Martini (exc. $5 specials) free.  Good on Mondays, only.

    Tasting Tuesdays

    Tuesday is your day to experiment with our global wine selection.  Did you know we currently have wines from Austria, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, and Pennsylvania?  Now you do!  Tuesdays you can try them all by building your own flight of 3, 2.5 oz pours for $10, or purchasing half glasses of wine for half the price.

    We also offer live guitar on Tuesdays, courtesy of Jack Myers.  Music is from 8-10.


    Start your weekend early at Jet with DJ B. Gat and friends for music, food, and fun.  Music starts at 9, and so does our late-night Happy Hour - with Sarah at the bar!  Bar Menu till close. 


    We have 3 days of Brunch - Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!  Each day it is served from 11-4.  Omelettes, Jalapeno Egg Scramble, Smoked-Salmon BLT, French Toast and much more.  Sarah and Monday is Industry Day - 20% off to all in the biz.

    Happy Hour

    As far as I’m concerned, every hour is Happy! But, we sweeten the deal everyday from 4-7 (and Wednesday 9-11) with $5 House Wines, $3 Kenzinger, and $3 Bruschetta!

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