Jet Wine Bar

Philly's Global Vineyard.
We specialize in wines from emerging and lesser-known regions, as well as uncommon varietals.

We also have a selection of craft beers and a full bar.

Come see why we think we are Philly’s friendliest bar!


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    The Stobi winery is located in the region of Tikveš, the main, central, wine-growing region of the Republic of Macedonia. The area the Republic comprises was referred to as Macedonia Secunda, or Salutaris, during Roman occupation of its lands in the first couple centuries BC.   The peacock imagery found on the winery’s labels dates to the early Christian period, from mosaics uncovered in a Basilica dating to ca. 4th-5th C. AD.  

    The Stobi winery was once known more for its quantity of bulk-wine exports to the Soviet Union, but has more recently - following Macedonian independence in 1991 - been known for quality grapes and wine-making.  It produces wines from indigenous grapes like Zilavka, which is widely planted in the region.

    The Zilavka tastes of pear and lime, with great mineral and acid.  Get it at Jet  for 7.5/glass.


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