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    Wine of the Day: Txakoli!

    Ametza Txakoli, Bodegas Arzabro, Spain

    That’s right, another one that is hard to pronounce!  Let us help:  turn the “tx” into “tch” for TCHOK-ily.  Ametza Txakoli is neither the name of the region, nor the name of the grape.  Instead, “Txakoli” (or Chacoli) is the most general level of classification for wines produced in one of its D.O.s (Denominación de Origen).  This wine is produced in the D.O. Arabako Txakolina.  It is located in Spain’s Basque country.  The Ametza Txakoli comes from the family-run Bodegas Arzabro in Alava.

    The predominant grape in white Txakoli is Hondarribi Zuri, but other allowable grapes include Bordeleza Zuria and Izkiriota, also known as Gros Manseng.  Txakoli wines share traits of relatively high acid, heavy citrus components, a bit of liveliness and some natural sparkle.  From their, though, these unique wines can each be quite singular.  The Ametza is a bold, bold wine with flavors of burnt orange-peel and smokiness. Despite those “heavy” sounding flavors, the wine is light and wonderfully fresh with a lot of “green” notes - just like the label! 

    A different Txakoli we carried, Arabako Txakolina Xarmant,  had flavors of tortilla, lime and salt.  Yes, it tasted a bit like a margarita!  Read more about that wine here.

    These wines are perfect for sipping and socializing - especially in the warmer weather.  Come try the Ametza Txakoli by-the-glass at Jet!  Oh, and its Amanda’s favorite… (she likes to see her name).


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